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Construction Chemicals

Construction chemicals are chemical mixtures used during construction to keep construction materials together, such as cement, concrete, or other building materials. Construction chemicals have emerged as one of the key elements of the chemical industry, playing a significant role in the construction of infrastructure. In the construction of residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructural projects, construction chemicals are frequently employed.

Construction chemicals are utilized in our highly technical construction industry today to emphasize and enhance the performance of various goods.

One may alter a basic concrete mix to have it set considerably later or much earlier—in less than 24 hours. Construction chemicals have transformed construction materials, and Kenbro is at the forefront of this innovation.

Kenomix P1

Used for Roads, Driveways and footpaths.

Water based epoxy floor and wall coating for concrete and masonary wall for chemical resistance, dust free, nonstaining, and sealer, safe for food industries, kenomix P1 is a product that shouldn’t be mixed with dry cement.

Packaging: 5 litres, 20 litres, and 200 litres

Coverage: A dosage of 300 to 500ml per 100kgs of cement is recommended. Should not be added to dry cement.

Used as an Admixture in concrete for water reduction in the mix there by, maintains water cement ratio and achieve high concrete strength. Used as a pumping aid as well. When mixing the concrete, add half the required water, then add the required dose of Kenomix P1. Thereafter, add little water for the required flowability in the concrete mix.

Kenfix 3

A styrene-butadiene co-polymer latex specifically designed for use with cement compositions. It is used in mortar and concretes as an admixture for increased resistance to water penetration, improves abrasion resistance and durability. It is used with cement as a reliablelbonding agent between old and new concrete/screed.

Packaging: 5 litre, 20 litres and 200 litres<BR>
Withstands up to 20 tons (35N/MM2)

Coverage: 5ltr of kenfix3 for every bag of OPC cement for normal use as a bonding agent. For Critical area increase to 10litres for every bag of 50kg cement, as an admixture for mortar.

As bonding agent apply as a tack coat on the old surface to receive new floor or wall finish. As waterproofing agent mix 5 litres per bag of cement in the plaster mix. For High abrasion in the floor, add 5-10litres per bag of cement in the screed.

A 3 fold advantage in this compound.
1. Bonding agent.
2. Waterproofing agent.
3. High abrasion & compressive strength.



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