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Epoxy is a seamless, self-smoothing flooring system based on advanced solvent-free epoxy system and selected graded fillers. The cured floor exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion and finishes to a smooth, impervious surface that can be easily maintained in a hygienic condition. Epoxy is recommended for floors where a high level of aesthetics is essential and bacterial growth or chemical spillage raises the risk of an unhygienic environment or floor erosion. 

KENPOXY 180 - Wall coating

A non-toxic solvent free high build protective epoxy resin coating, for internal protection of concrete or metal watertanks (Drinking water). floor or wall coating for food/ pharmaceutical companies

KENPOXY 200 - Primer

An Epoxy primer applied to concrete surface to receive subsequent epoxy overlays.

Packaging: PART A 12.56 Kg, PART B 11 litres
Mix well before use.
Apply with a roller, paint brush after cleaning the surface thoroughly.

1. A primer for bonding Epoxy overlays
2. Can be applied as a dust proofer coating on floor screeds
3. Can be applied on hairline cracks to seal off the surface

KENPOXY 210 - Carpark Coating

Packaging: 26.46 Kg

A coating to create aesthetic floor coating. Can be used on:
1. Underground car park
2. parking lots/driveways
3. Available in white, yellow and black colours

KENPOXY 230 - Self smoothening floor

An Epoxy self-smoothening overlay for floors where a very smooth & hardwearing surface is required.

This is a self smoothening, solvent free, epoxy overlay system designed to provide continuous protection for concrete floors at thickness between 2-4mm. the cured material produces a dense, colourful, glossy surface. The product has also been successfully applied to glazed and terrazzo tiled steel and timber.

Packaging: 4 PART Component (38.46 Kg or 21 litres). Applied in thickness of 2mm to 4mm

An Epoxy overlay system for:
1. Food factories
2. Pharmaceutical industries 3. Milk Dairies
4. Laboratories
5. Printing press
6. Garage floors
7. Coffee/tea factories
8. Horticultural pack houses

KENPOXY 240 - Screed

An Epoxy screed for a hard wearing floor.

Multi component Epoxy screed for medium to heavy duty situations. Superior abrasion and wear, chemical resistance, hygienic, safe for food industries.

Packaging: 4 PART Component (31.4 Kg or 14.5 litres). Applied in thickness of 3mm to 12mm, depending on the floor usage.

An Epoxy floor screed for a very hard wearing surface
1. Heavy Industrial floors
2. Engineering workshops
3. Forklift areas
4. Non-slip wet areas

KENPOXY 2200 - Epoxy Repair kit/ bonding agent

Epoxy Repair Mortar

Packaging: 3Kgs set

Two component, which is finely filled and quick to dry/cure. It is Designed for surface repair:
1. Cracks
2. Gap filling
3. Grouting
4. Bedding fixtures/Bridge bearings

KENPOXY Color - Marble effect flooring

Metallic and Marble effect floors for your kitchen, living rooms, bathroom, games rooms. Metallic creates a beautiful feel of depth with swirls and ripples.