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Get accessories to go with our flooring solutions.

PVC Skirting

Black PVC Skirting fixed on the junction of the wall and floor.

Size:100 mm width x 2 meters long

1. Installed up to 50% faster than traditional timber alternatives.
2. easy to clean and require almost no maintenance, unlike traditional wood skirting.
3. long lasting material that can provide a high quality finish.
4. Hide gaps between walls and floors, creating coves to avoid water sipping into the gaps. 5. Can be used in both dry and wet areas

PVC Step Nosing

Used on the edge of the steps (thread side)

Size: 50mm x 25mm x 2 meters long

1. Used on the edge of the stairs to minimise trip hazard. Cover existing steps for added safety
2. They take the impact of the wear and tear and prolong the lifespan of your stairs, Minimizing the scuffs, scratches and stains that ruin the surface.
3. Replacing these tread covers is much less costly than rebuilding a set of stairs, hence minimizing your maintenance costs.

PVC Coving

Used for forming a cove between the wall and the floor.

Size: 20mm width x 2 meters long

1. Creates a coved skirting, PVC sheeting is extended up the wall, which creates a water tight base.
2. Coved up walls to produce hygienic and continuous floors.
3. It’s often used in commercial buildings, hospitals and schools, especially in areas where hygiene is important or a watertight seal is necessary.

PVC Capping

Used for finishing off upper edge of skirting.
Size: 20mm width x 20 meters long

1. Tucks the floor finish to the wall.
2. Hides the edges of the PVC flooring.
3. Easy to clean and no sharp edge to collect dust.
4. Gives a neat finish to the installation and ensures a continuous, sealed surface.

Door strip

Used for finishing off the edge of PVC tiles or sheeting

Size: 25mm width x 30meters long

1. They protect the floor material edge and reduce the risk of the junction becoming a trip hazard
2. Take the edge of an installed floor covering down to the base flooring.
3. Door strips are protective edge trims which help to create a safe transition at floor covering edges.
4. It is easily installed, and because they are flexible they can be curved on site.

Kenrubber Cushion Tiles

Ken Rubber tiles offers a safe environment, while nothing can offer complete protection but the cushion like rubber tiles absorbs some of the impact, making injures either non-existent or less severe. Ken Rubber tiles are tough and Versatile, making them a great product for outside use, as its durability can withstand harsh weather conditions such as the heat of the sun and constant rain.

Ideal for:
• Nursery schools
• Gymnasium
• Indoor and outdoor play area
• Sport grounds