Cementous based

Cementitious is an ideal flooring system for renovating or improving any old floor surface, especially one that may badly damaged or worn. It can also be used to raise the floor level of a project quickly and evenly. This type of concrete is particularly fast in drying and can be fully operational for heavy vehicle traffic within 24 hours.

Self Levelling Cement Compound

Self Levelling Cement Compound

Packaging: 25 Kg Bag
Coverage: Approximately 1 litre per sq mtr/mm thickness.

1. Levelling rough concrete floors by a cement topping.
2. Finds it’s on level
3. A very smooth surface is created
4. After application can be covered by subsequent floor finishes like ceramic tiles, PVC vinyl flooring, laminates and wooden floor.

Kentop Hard

Concrete Floor hardener
Packaging: 25 Kg Bag

Medium duty wear 6kg/sq.meter
Heavy duty wear 8kg/sq.meter

1. Applied as a dry shake over fresh concrete.
2. Hard wearing surface for heavy traffic.
3. Can be applied indoor and outdoor.
4. If power floated gives a perfect leveled and smooth concrete

Skim coat – wall coating

Smoothening wall Finish

Packaging: 25 Kg Bag
Coverage: Approximately 1.3 Sq.m per Kg depending on the thickness to be applied.

1. Smooth textured substrates
2. Adhere on plastered Surfaces
3. Can be painted on after 24 hours
4. Filler & joint compound
5. Up to 5mm coat
6. Can be coloured