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Rubber Based

Adhesives that are made using a rubber (natural or synthetic) as the base material. In pressure sensitive adhesives, a rubber may be chosen as the base material because they offer excellent initial tack and ultimate adhesion, adhere to a wide range of materials and surface types (and are particularly effective at adhering to plastics), work well in low temperature applications, and are more cost effective compared to acrylic (or silicone) adhesives; however, they are best suited to indoor applications because they are more susceptible to UV light, high temperatures, moisture, solvents, and chemicals, which means that the adhesive bond is more likely to break down and become discoloured or brittle over time. 

Polyflex strong bond contact adhesive

Packaging: 5 Kg and 20 Kg

Coverage: Approximately 1/2 Sq. M per Kg on the surface it is applied on depending.

Polyflex multipurpose Strong Adhesive, is a thick creamy rubberised high quality adhesive designed to bond wood, formaica, plastic linoleum, and PVC floor tiles. It can also be used to repair leather products and upholstery.