Bitumenious based

Bituminous means a material, consisting mainly of hydrocarbons and soluble in carbon disulfide, that is obtained from natural deposits or as residue from the distillation of crude petroleum oils or of low grades of coal.

Polyflex bituminous PVC tile adhesive

A Bituminious based Tile Adhesive

Packaging: 4 Kg and 20 Kg

Coverage: Approximately 3.5 Sq. M per Kg depending on the surface it is applied on.

Polyflex Bitumen based tile adhesive is a thick Black based compound specially designed to bond floor tiles to concrete surfaces. it can also be used to stick parquet/wood blocks to concrete floors.

Rooftex Caulking Compound

A Multi-purpose bitumen roof sealer

Packaging: 4 Kg and 20 Kg

This Sealant can be used for sealing cracks, holes and joints. Also for repairing of drains, downpipes, flashings, skylights, ventilators, parpapet walls, asbestos cement sheets, iron sheets and will stick to most surfaces.

Car Underbody Sealer

Rubberised Bitumen Emulsion

Packaging: 4kgs

A stabilized emulsified bitumen compound coating used to protect the underside of Motor Vehicles against:
1. Corrosion
2. Dust Barrier
3. Some degree of sound proofing.